About Nick


Private one to one readings.

Spiritualist churches & Centres served.

Development circles and workshops for both mental Mediumship & Trance Mediumship.

Spiritualist Funerals, Naming service

& Weddings conducted.

Past Life Regression.


Reiki & Seichem Healing & Attunements.

Counselling & Bereavement Counselling.

Past Life Regression.

Nick has always had his gift of hearing, seeing and sensing spirit. Little did he know, all those years ago, what direction it would take his life. If someone had told him he would be up on stage in front hundreds of people, giving messages, he wouldn't have believed you, but that is exactly what he's doing.

The first time Nick realised not everyone was the same was when he was 7 years old and shopping in Norwich, he was having a conversation with a gentleman standing beside him. There were people staring at him, Nick thought nothing of it. Realising they couldn't see the gentleman he stopped talking and walked away.

Today Nick does private, one to one readings. These are recorded and available to take away.

 He also is a Reiki & Seichem Master, this is a form of healing that involves channeling energies differently to Spiritual Healing.

  Also available are a range of development courses for an attunement to Reiki & Seichem Healing.

Mediumship development on every level.

Trance Mediumship development & Workshops which will give you an idea if it is suitable for you.

Also Physical Mediumship & Workshops available.

Counselling & Bereavement Counselling.


Past Life Regression.


  If your'e interested in finding out more about these workshops, then please get in touch with me on the contact me page.

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