Hi Nick
             Had a reading with you this weekend with my dad his brother,my mum and my husband being a non believer well  Really wanted to let you know that everything you him was true the most uncanny thing was the following day my husband mum messaged him telling him his uncle was over for a visit and he wanted to see him could he pop down.
(Now the grandad that David received the message from this uncle visiting is the grandfather son) if you understand all that
When we got there he said to David I’ve got something for you and handed him a big folder full of all Grandad’s war memorabilia including the medals
So as you can imagine this has knocked my husband off his feet an is now a solid believer so thank you for a fantastic reading I will most certainly be telling everyone about you and I’m very sure we will pop back for another reading sometime.
Mickala '18


Nick is an amazing person. who genuinely cares for the people around him and gives amazing messages from loved ones.
In my situation I had to make a hard decision of walking away from a partner who was toxic for me and I found this very hard to do. I saw Nick in Feb 2017 and have only just recently listened to the recording again last Sunday of our conversation.
As hard as it was at the time, I left my long term partner and job due to all my personal issues.
Everything that’s happened now is exactly where I am meant to be, and I feel so happy and content in life. I couldn’t of asked for a better reading.

 Teri '18

"Two years ago I needed sticks to walk more than a few yards, A hip replacement was booked but my blood pressure was too high.
I began regular spiritual healing with Nick Kenning..
Yesterday I went on a 14 hour excursion with five hours at the Birmingham Exhibition Centre without a single moment of pain.
I give thanks for that healing every day and to Nick, Jane and little Ted for changing my life."

Jenny '17

"​I would just like to say a very big thankyou Nick for my wonderful reading yesterday at my friend Anns house it was awesome and very inspiring and uplifting I felt totally held in the presence of spirit whilst having the sitting .Well worth waiting for, some great evidence thankyou Nick"

Alan January '15


​​ " I would just like to say many thanks for my reading yesturday, it helped me a lot. I have played it to my daughters and they too want to book an appointment, but not just yet. 

I have told lots of people at work as they all knew about dad and had met him and have handed your cards in. Keep doing what you are doing, it will help so many people. It was fantastic, I am still sitting here now on a high, can't thank you enough.

Thanks again, it was the best reading I have ever had."

                                                                              Jeannette​.  June '14


Dear Nick

I just wanted to say a very huge and heartfelt thank you for the one to one reading we had on Thursday.

Since my husband passed away, I have felt lost and alone.  Although I knew he was around, I really did feel sometimes as though I was losing my mind.  But you have reassured me that I am still sane and my loved ones are keeping an eye on me and helping me get through this ordeal.

I have done exactly what you advised, and bought a rose quartz and amethyst to wear in my bra, I have lengthened the chain for the rose quartz pendant my husband bought me 2 weeks before he was diagnosed, and am also now wearing his wedding ring on a long chain.

Friday morning I woke up with a much clearer outlook and felt so much more at peace with myself.  Things were dragging me down lower than I could have ever imagined, but you helped me so much by communicating with my husband and family  in spirit.  You really have altered the path I was taking for the better.

Many thanks to you, your lovely wife Jane and Ted for having me in your home and being so kind and caring.  I look forward to seeing you again soon.

                  With love Louise



After having a private reading with Nick in February 2013, I can't recommend him highly enough for his accuracy and sincerity. He has helped me to come to terms more with my beloved Mother's passing and the things she passed on through Nick have been of great comfort to me; the words and phrases that Nick communicated fitted exactly with my mother's manner of speaking. My mother said, through Nick, that there were two watches left in a draw in the family home, which I didn't know about, that she wanted me to have; I have since spoken to my Dad, who confirmed they were there, and has subsequently had them fixed for me. I can now proudly wear the watches knowing that it is my mother's wish. It was also an honour to meet his lovely wife, Jane, and beautiful son Ted. Once again, I would not hesitate to recommend Nick's services. 
    Jeanette (February 2013)


I had a reading with Nick in Jan'13 and found the whole experience very comforting.

There were a couple of areas that I was a little vague on during the reading but when I got home and spoke to mum she confirmed that she had been disrupted by a banging noise one evening.

My whole family were all very skeptical of Mediumship but they have all decided they would now like to have a reading in the future.

I have taken a lot from this reading and would not hesitate in going to see Nick again.

                                                                                                       Emma Jan'13

Hi Nick,

Thank you so much for the wonderful reading yesterday. I have spoken to my dad and he did feel mum sit on the bed the other day (He says that he often 'senses' that she is in the chair next to his too!) and he also knows which photo of mum keeps falling over!! I'm yet to find the photo of me in the yellow dress with the tiara though :/ I've passed on all the messages that I can remember, but must get around to listening to the CD to see if I've forgotten any! I have recommended you to a few friends, some are new to Clairvoyance and others are like me and regulars.

Michelle Oct'12


Thank you for the consultation on Friday. The one area you may recall I was vague on was when you talked of a tepee. I mentioned this to my brother and he said we had one when I was very young, we had great fun in it he said. My brother is a total non believer but was quite freaked out when I mentioned this. Thanks again for Friday it was a great help and comfort.

Vince. Jan'12


I had a reading with Nick in Sept 2011 and found the whole experience very emotive. He was accurate on so many levels and whilst some of the things my family in spirit had to say were quite difficult to hear they were necessary and I cannot hold that against Nick! He was only relaying what I needed to hear! A couple of things didn't seem to fit into place at the time of the reading, relating to some pieces of jewellery that Nick was asking me about, but my Great Auntie had passed away that very morning, and whilst my Grandmother came through and told Nick that her sister had passed I was shocked that he had received this message so quickly as I only had the phone call 15 minutes before seeing Nick. He described a cameo to me and some pearls and a brooch that I couldn't place at all, but following my Aunt's funeral I was going through the old jewellery boxes only to find those exact same 3 things exactly as Nick had described them to me. 
He also talked about health issues relating to myself that even though Nick knew me from school he had no idea of the problems that I have had in my life, he was aware of a tumour that I have, that I have gynae problems and also that my heart was being broken and I was being take advantage of by somebody I desperately wanted to beleive in. Nick told me that.

Things with the blast from the past couldn't be better!!! I cannot believe that he came back into my life just as you said he would... You told me that my Grandad had someone in mind for me, and although he didn't meet him he heard lots about him and always said that I would end up marrying him... He was devastated when we broke up as was I..... But maybe he has guided him back to me, and at a time when I really needed the strength to get rid of the other guy!!

Michelle. Sept'11


"I had a sitting with Nick soon after my Dad passed away. Nick made me realise that Dad's spirit lived on and was keeping an eye on us all! I was comforted by his words and , if possible, to feel better after a loss. I keep watching out for Dad to make an appearence to say 'hello', one day."

Jane. Oct '10